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EFF: Half of web traffic is now encrypted

cyber-security-data-sharing Half of the web’s traffic is now encrypted, according to a new report from the EFF released this week. The rights organization noted the milestone was attributable to a number of efforts, including recent moves from major tech companies to implement HTTPS on their own properties. Over the years, these efforts have included pushes from Facebook and Twitter, back in 2013 and 2012… Read More

NASA found 7 “Earthlike” planets just under 40 light years away

5_lineup_pia21422-png NASA has discovered seven planets with Earth-like qualities orbiting a nearby star making them among the strongest candidates in the continued search for extraterrestrial life among  known exoplanets, or planets that exist outside of our own solar system. These new planets all inhabit another solar system which includes seven planets that have a relatively warm climate, as well as rocky… Read More

Knotel raises $25M to expand its “headquarters as a service” approach to office space

Knotel Flatiron lobby Knotel announced today that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding.
Founded in 2015, the company offers what co-founder and CEO Amol Sarva described as “headquarters as a service” — a flexible office space that can be customized for each tenant while also growing or shrinking as needed.
This might sound like it’s addressing the same need as WeWork and other… Read More

Otherlab’s cardboard drone can carry up to 2 lbs, then decompose

otherlab_skymachines_apsara Drones provide very useful services, especially for hard-to-reach areas, but flying expensive metal and objects into places where getting them back afterwards might be difficult isn’t always the ideal option. SF-based Otherlab had another idea, Wired reports: make drones that can work in single-use capacities, carrying lightweight payloads and then disappearing. The idea isn’t… Read More

Now Twitter loses head of entertainment talent and director of finance

twitter-impressionist Twitter can’t seem to stop the management bleeding, which is complicating its attempts to pull off a turnaround after a tough year of layoffs and sinking share price. Yesterday its head of entertainment talent Lara Cohen, a major figure leading partnerships with content creators, left the company. Today, a director of finance David Bicknell is departing, though he’s more of a… Read More

Turn anything into a nightmare cat with this machine learning tool

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-12-26-56-pm Machine learning has the potential to solve many of our regular human problems, like for instance having too few nightmarish, oddly cat-filled crude images to gaze upon. Luckily, Christopher Hesse created the edges2cats web-based tool to address exactly that issue. The machine learning software uses Google’s Tensorflow to translate one image to another, using training data provided by… Read More